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Ghost Lady Halloween Costume

You are the enchantress in your plus size Halloween costume. You’ve never truly worn Halloween ghost costumes before until you’ve worn this creepy classic. This Ghostly Lady Elite Collection Adult Plus Costume is a must have for Halloween. Its timeless beauty and elegance will haunt and mystify your friends and family all night long. Check out some other ghost outfit ideas.

You are a phantom lady of the night, seducing every eligible male bachelor in sight until you’ve found your true love. He after all promised his undying love to you upon his return that never came to be. Experience the spooky drama in your very own plus size Halloween costume.

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Looking for a plus size Halloween costume? The Ghostly lady elite adult plus size costume is the
must have Halloween ghost costume for plus sized women. It’s hard to find a Halloween costume
that looks totally amazing especially for plus sized women. With this costume, not only do you get
to have a good fit even if you’re plus sized but you will also bring out the scary beauty in you.

Be noticed and let men awe in approval as they get scared at how beautiful you are as a ghost who
traveled back from time to haunt their dreams as the unforgotten beauty in full plus size shape.

Halloween is also the time of the year where you and your partner can rekindle your romance as you
walk hand in hand in the streets sporting a spooky costume. This may even be sweeter than
valentines as both of you can have a fun and memorable night playing dress up and nobody would
care since its Halloween.

Be graceful in this plus size Halloween costume as you compliment your gentleman sporting the
ghostly gent elite adult costume. Halloween is not only for kids but it can also be for couples who
want to bring out the romance by being scary and making fun memories by wearing costumes for

Plus Size Halloween Costume – What’s Included?

For a Halloween ghost outfit that brings out an elegant timeless beauty, this costume is designed to
be a fully finished garment that’s ready to wear. The dress is made up of 100% polyester and the
petticoat is made up of 93% nylon and 7% polyester. The following items included in the costume:

•    A light grey full length tattered and frayed velvet gown with back zipper
•    Lace and satin accents
•    A petticoat made of tulle
•     Gloves
•    Matching hat
•    Wig

To accomplish the best effect with your plus size Halloween ghost costume is to pair
it with a star silver adult shoe which is sold separately. To make sure that your wig stays in place
as you walk down the streets you can purchase a wig cap. To complete the overall look the ghost
stories make-up kit is also available for purchase.

Plus Size Halloween Costume – What’s The Price You Ask?

plus size halloween costume
Ghost Lady Halloween Costume

Get ready for an amazing discount as you get to save $40 off the original price of $179.99 down to only $139.99. The star silver adult shoe is sold separately at $24.99 while the ghost stories make-up kit is priced at an affordable $4.99. To hold your wig in place it is recommended that you
also buy the wig cap at the very low price of $2.99.

Halloween Ghost Outfit – What Sizes Are Available?

This Halloween ghost costume is available in two adult sizes namely the XX large size for full bodied women who have a waist line raging from 36”-40” and the XXX large size for those who have a waist line ranging from 40.5”-45”.

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Show off your timeless elegant beauty with this Halloween ghost costume as you walk down the
street wearing this plus size Halloween costume!